The concept of Maitrix Phoenix | 藝術時尚女裝服飾 MAITRIX PHOENIX
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The concept of MAITRIX PHOENIX


We are all artists of our own life, for capturing every moment on the canvas of our minds.

If we could not predict our futures that would be ambiguous.

Our definition of life is unique and abstract.

This is the concept expressed by Maitrix Phoenix.

Mr. Ching-Lung Chen’s abstract art incorporates with the world- class artists.

His painting likes Italian exquisite craftsmanship and vividly expresses his journey of life.

Due to M.P represents the power of emotion which like the sunlight pierces through the fog on the cold horizon in spring.


So Mr.Chen’s life is distinctive and his painting has been filling up with passion and sorrow.


Embracing love, enjoying life, feeling the best of Mr. CHEN.