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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is applicable for the enterprises of Maitrix Phoenix around the world, their successors or legataries (hereinafter referred to as Maitrix Phoenix). Maitrix Phoenix will respect and promise to protect your privacy right. Please read the following privacy statement.


Collect and use your personal information

Every user can register with the Website. When the user registers, the Website will ask the user to provide the personal information related to and essential for the purposes in this privacy statement, such as the name, birthdate, telephone number, address, e-mail address, gender, preference, interest, and favorite product, etc. The information will be able to enhance Maitrix Phoenix's understanding of the users so as to provide them with better and more appropriate services. If the user provides personal information for the Website, it means the user agrees that we can collect, handle, and use the personal information in Taiwan or where Maitrix Phoenix is located according to this privacy statement. If the user expresses his(her) consent to receive messages regarding Maitrix Phoenix and its services during registration or any other time, Maitrix Phoenix can send the user information regarding Maitrix Phoenix, services, or any other information that Maitrix Phoenix thinks might interest the user via e-mail, telephone, or mail. If the user chooses not to provide personal information, the user will not be able to complete the registration process and will not be able to use any services Maitrix Phoenix provides for its users. According to Personal Information Protection Act, the user can inquire or read his (her) personal information or request for a copy, supplement or correction, request to delete or stop collecting, handling, or using the information via mail.



Maitrix Phoenix might leave "cookies" in the visitor's computer for identification. Cookies are pieces of information sent by the website to the browser of the computer used for records. We use cookies to make sure what websites are visited and their frequency of being visited so that we can make our websites more suitable for the customer's needs and provide better services when you visit the Website. For example, cookies can save your passwords so that you do not have to enter passwords whenever you visit the Website. Most of the browsers will automatically accept cookies, but you can set up the browser to refuse the acceptance of "cookies." If you choose to refuse to accept cookies, Maitrix Phoenix cannot guarantee the proper operation of the Website. If you agree to accept cookies, it means you agree that we can collect, store, and use your personal information included in the cookies.


Safety Measures

The Website has taken proper safety measures to prevent the user's information from being stolen, but the user has to understand that Maitrix Phoenix cannot control the data transmission through Internet or other electronic communication devices. Therefore, Maitrix Phonix will not take responsibility for the unsafe or unauthorized disclosure and use of information on the Internet. When you use passwords to protect your account and personal information, you have the responsibility to secure the passwords. Do not share the information with others. If you share the computer with others, please make sure to log out after you leave the website or service to prevent later users from acquiring your information. 


personal Information

Except for the conditions listed in the privacy statement, Maitrix Phoenix will not reveal your personal information to the third party other than Maitrix Phoenix. During the existence of the purposes described in the privacy statement, the information will offer you information regarding Maitrix Phoenix's products and services and operate and improve the website and its services, including handling , organizing, and delivering of orders or propaganda information, supplementing and updating database, after sale services, or accessibility of the website, and related statistical survey. If Maitrix Phoenix entrusts other service suppliers in Taiwan or other areas to provide the abovementioned services, we will only allow these service suppliers to acquire the personal information needed when they execute the services. Maitrix Phoenix requests these service suppliers to be strictly confidential to the personal information and forbid them to use your personal information for purposes other than the commissioned services. Except for the abovementioned conditions, Maitrix Phoenix will ask for your consent before revealing your personal information to the third party. Yet in one of the following conditions, Maitrix Phoenix might reveal your personal information.


(1) Regulated by laws or ordered by the court or authorities.


(2) Protecting Maitrix Phoenix or the customer's rights or property, including implementing the contract or policy regulating your behaviors of using the website.


(3) The disclosure is out of good will and necessary for the protection of Maitrix Phoenix's staff, customers, or the general public's personal safety.